Dr. Binfet: Lessons Learned from a 3-Legged Rescue Mutt

Did you know that Dr. Binfet regularly writes for Psychology Today?

In his latest article, Lessons Learned from a 3-Legged Rescue Mutt, Dr. Binfet shares his experiences in life with Craig, a former street-dog from Mexico.

“In a world where pandemic designer puppies abound and I see new dog-human relationships being established around me, I’ve reflected on my relationship with this three-legged Mexican rescue mutt—my sidekick for the last four years. My advocacy for adopting rescue dogs aside, we’ve a lot to learn from all dogs and this is a quick summary of some of the lessons learned from Craig, a rehabilitated street dog” – Dr. Binfet.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can learn from our canine companions, want to know more about Dr. Binfet’s experience in rescuing street-dogs like Craig, would like a heartwarming read during winter, or just want to know more about Craig the rescue, we recommend to check this article out!

You can also keep up with Craig’s daily antics on Instagram @craigtherescue!