HelloBARK: Interview with Dr. Binfet

Dr. Binfet was interviewed by HelloBARK, a new website designed to help pets and owners enjoy a happy life together.


Dr. John Binfet created B.A.R.K in 2012 after he had previous experience working as a volunteer in a pet therapy program.

Interested in the potential benefits of therapy dog sessions to students, Dr. Binfet decided to establish B.A.R.K with help from UBC’s Student Support Services.

B.A.R.K’s website explains that 60 certified dog-handler teams look to “reduce stress, combat homesickness, foster interpersonal connections, and promote the overall social-emotional well-being of students”.

With the coronavirus pandemic prompting change around the world, B.A.R.K are currently experimenting with Virtual Canine Comfort modules to learn about their potential effectiveness.

We spoke to B.A.R.K founder and UBC researcher Dr. Binfet to learn more about the success of the program as well as the potential benefits.


You can read the full Q&A at hellobark.com.