Okanagan Boys and Girls Club Study

Special workshop sessions were held in partnership with the Okanagan Boys and Girls club. The sessions typically ran as a six-week workshop, that was designed to help children aged 5-12 years old develop and practice their social-emotional skills, including introductions, meaningful compliments, empathy, and self-awareness. Each session began with a class discussion on the skills the children were to work on that day, followed by practice in a supportive, non-judgmental environment created by B.A.R.K. dogs and volunteers.

The program ran for two years, thanks to a generous grant from the Telus Thompson Okanagan Community Board.

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Okanagan Boys and Girls Club by the Numbers


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“I enjoyed watching the kids put the skills we taught them into practice in novel situations with strangers and watching them ‘come out of their shells’.”

Nicole Harris,
MA alumna (’20), B.A.R.K. volunteer

“The best part of the program is witnessing the children’s excitement. The children are building confidence right before our eyes.”

Paula Buchanan,
program area leader, for the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club
(source: Vernon Morning Star)

Related Publications and presentations

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