Virtual Canine Comfort

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when students were learning remotely and our social networks were limited, the B.A.R.K. team were busy developing an innovative virtual canine program.

Pilot program

In 2020, B.A.R.K. conducted a pilot program to study the impact of synchronous and asynchronous videos as well as videos with and without B.A.R.K. therapy dogs. Thirteen handlers and their therapy dogs filmed a series of videos, and six were involved in a series of live sessions with small groups of students.

There were 467 students in this pilot program, which established that participating in virtual canine comfort sessions during the COVID pandemic improved their well-being. Results revealed that viewing the 5-minute videos significantly reduced participants’ anxiety, stress, loneliness, and negative affect. In addition, these sessions produced stronger feelings of connectedness to their campus and positive emotional state in undergraduate students.

Supporting the Community through Virtual Canine Modules

Following the pilot program, B.A.R.K. developed new asynchronous canine comfort modules with four B.A.R.K. handlers and their therapy dogs.

These modules were easily accessible, low-barrier, and available 24/7 to the wider campus community. These modules were accessed over 1200 times from 44 countries across the world!

Related Publications and presentations

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Virtual Canine Book

Tardif-Williams, C. Y., & Binfet, J. T. (2023). Virtual human–animal interactions: Supporting learning, social connections and well-being. Routledge.

Available on Routledge and Amazon from July 13th!





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