Camille Rousseau receives the Doctoral Studies Outstanding Publication Award!

Congratulations to UBC student and B.A.R.K. volunteer, Camille Rousseau, for being the recipient of the Okanagan School of Education‘s Doctoral Studies Outstanding Publication Award!

Camille’s research, in collaboration with colleagues from UBC and Brock Universities, explored volunteer handlers’ experiences of volunteering in a canine-assisted intervention. This research, which was recently published in Pet Behaviour Science, sought to capture the B.A.R.K. handlers’ voice and gain insight into their wellbeing.

“Dog handlers are the central stakeholder driving all canine-assisted intervention and their well-being holds implications for their ability to support the well-being of their clients.  It is therefore essential to safeguard handlers’ well-being to maximize the retention of dog-handler teams and optimized program delivery.”

Camille is currently undertaking her PhD research under the supervision of Dr. John-Tyler Binfet. Click here to read more about Camille, her research, and what it means to be recognized by the Okanagan School of Education with this award.