Bacon Pumpkin Dog Cookies Recipe

Our friends at Food Services donated dog cookies for the furry members of the B.A.R.K. team!

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Recipe from, and our gratitude to, Chelsea Ashcroft, Sous Chef.

Bacon Pumpkin Dog Cookies

16 – 20 cookies depending on cookie cutter size 

2 Cups + 2tbsp whole wheat flour  (290g)
½ tsp baking powder  (4g)
1 egg

¼ cup milk or water  (60ml)

½ cup pumpkin puree  (125ml)

4 strips bacon (save the grease)


Cook off bacon (either in frying pan or oven) saving the grease. Put off to the side. When cool cut into small pieces.

In one large mixing bowl combine baking powder and flour

In second mixing bowl beat egg with whisk, add milk (or water) and pumpkin, combine well. Add the bacon and bacon fat.

Add dry ingredients and combine using spatula (or hands)

Flour countertop, turn dough out onto counter and roll to 1cm thickness. Cut out in any shapes.

Place on parchment lined tray and cook at 350 for 25 – 30 minutes.