B.A.R.K. Team presenting at ISAZ 2023!

Members of the B.A.R.K. team are currently in Edinburgh, Scotland attending the 2023 International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) conference! We are delighted that we are presenting three talks to this distinguished international community.

Congratulations to Dr. John-Tyler Binfet, Camille Rousseau, Freya Green, Amelia Willcox, and the co-authors on successfully presenting the following talks at ISAZ 2023:

Exploring Gender Differences in Stress Reduction of University Students Attending a Canine-Assisted Intervention. John-Tyler BinfetFreya L. L. GreenRebecca J. P. GodardCamille X. RousseauMadisyn M. SzypulaJordy Decker

Understanding handlers’ perspectives: Under-explored pillars supporting canine-assisted interventions. Camille Xinmei RousseauJohn-Tyler BinfetAmelia A. Willcox

Virtual connections with canines: Therapy dogs reducing undergraduate student stress. John-Tyler BinfetFreya L. L. GreenChristine Y. Tardif-WilliamsRebecca J. GodardAkshat SingalCamille X. RousseauRenata RomaAmelia A. Wilcox. 

More information about the ISAZ 2023 conference can be found on their website, or by following our updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!